Red Light Camera Tickets

If you have received a red light ticket or a camera speed ticket in Missouri, chances are you will need to pay a fine. As of January 2014, these tickets will not add points to your Missouri Department of Revenue driving record.  Although they won’t cause points, Attorney John Schleiffarth believes they area dangerous intrusion of your privacy and perhaps a risk to public safety.

There are over 70 red light cameras in the greater St. Louis area. Red light and speed cameras are being used increasingly by cities and municipalities to generate revenues. Advocates argue the cameras increase safety by increasing monitoring. Opponents argue the cameras, particularly the red light cameras, increase accidents and unfairly target drivers.

When the length of yellow light intervals are decreased, red light violations increase dramatically. If safety is the goal, cities will ensure that their yellow light intervals are optimal for traffic safety and not designed to optimize the number of tickets written.

Some municipalities will issue warrants if you fail to pay your fine, others will refer you to a collection agency which could hurt your credit score. As of now, the best course of action is to pay the ticket. If you were not the driver, you should challenge the ticket. Typically the back side of the ticket has a procedure for challenging the ticket if you were not the driver.


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