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Charges for internet sex crimes have become increasingly pursued by state and federal authorities as the internet has become more available. Often times individuals find themselves at the brunt end of allegations of internet solicitation from someone they may or may not have crossed paths with online. Identity is never an easy thing to prove and many factors come into play such as who was actually using a computer or profile at times allegations are being made. In other cases, authorities set up stings and the evidence and information is well documented. These are not easy cases, but the St. Louis Internet Sex Crime Defense Firm JCS Law knows how to handle them.

We represent individuals charged with:

  • Pornography or child pornography
  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Internet stalking
  • Distribution of obscene matter

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Legal penalties for internet sex crimes can be severe and include not only jail time, but mandatory registration on national and state sex offender registries. Convictions for these types of sex crimes can follow you the rest of your life making it hard for you to find a job and even function in society.

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