Are you a doctor who has received a DWI?

DWI charges in Missouri are serious charges that can dramatically impact a persons future. This impact is even greater if you are a doctor. If you have received a DWI as a doctor in Missouri, you may face professional consequences as well as criminal.

The medical board will likely decide to investigate your charges and may decide to conduct an interview with you. It is important that you know what to say during this interview as it may impact what actions the board takes. Getting a DWI as a doctor does not automatically mean you will lose your license, however the medical board has become more strict because of the increase in DWIs over the years.

If this is your first DWI, the board most likely will not take away your license, however, if this is a second or third DWI charge, the board may decide to take it away. They may also ask you to undergo treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

It is important to consider the possible actions the medical board could take against you for DWI charges. You need an experienced lawyer that will aggressively represent you on your DWI charges and get you the best possible result. Call us today at 314-561-9690 for a free consultation regarding your case.


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