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Defending the accused in St. Louis Missouri for crimes including:

  • DWI
  • Felony DWI
  • Drug Crimes
  • Marijuana
  • Domestic Violence
  • Violent Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Stealing
  • Sex Crimes
  • Murder/ Manslaughter
  • Federal Drug Conspiracy
  • Federal Firearms Charges
  • Federal Child Pornography Charges


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Case Summaries

100% accurate examples of real case studies

DWI Car Accident - DWI Dropped:

Driver was stopped and charged with a DWI in St. Louis County after a DWI car accident. Driver had a job that would not allow for a DWI
conviction. She needed serious help to keep her job. After an aggressive defense driver’s charges were reduced from DWI to Careless Driving.

Police Report Ginned Up - DWI Dropped:

Driver was stopped in St. Louis County and
charged with DWI. After an aggressive defense and deposition of the police officer, it was clear that the police officer had exaggerated the claims in his initial report. The evidence to support a DWI became flimsy. The charge was reduced to Careless Driving.

DWI Drugs - All Charges Dismissed:

After leaving a party in Franklin County, Missouri, a young man was arrested for DWI Drug Intoxication. After an aggressive deposition of the arresting officer, it became clear the police officer had not done his job properly. He lied about the incident under oath and we confronted the Prosecuting Attorney with the officer’s perjury prior to trial. All charges were dropped.

DWI After Illegal Stop- Charges Dismissed:

Driver in St. Charles, Missouri, was arrested for DWI by a Highway Patrolman on an icy road. After a successful deposition of the Highway Patrolman and a Motion to Suppress an Illegal Stop was set for hearing, his DWI charge was dismissed.

Commercial CDL Driver Gets DWI- Charges Dismissed:

Commercial driver with a CDL commercial driver license was arrested for DWI. He hired JCS law to aggressively defend his rights. We won his driver’s license hearing at trial, restored his driving privileges, and his DWI charge was dismissed.

Federal Defendant Gets Unlikely Probation:

A JCS client was charged with stealing a large sum of money in Federal Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. Client was placed on probation with no prison or jail time after a successful sentencing hearing.

Nine Felony Charges Dismissed After Illegal Search:

A JCS client was charged with nine felony charges. After we turned the tables on the prosecution by finding that the police had illegally searched his home, all felony charges were dismissed and the client pled guilty to one misdemeanor with a fine.

Serious Sex Crime Allegations- Charges Dismissed:

A JCS client was charged with multiple counts of child molestation. All charges were dismissed.

Doctor Charged With DWI- Charge Dropped And Medical License Protected:

An emergency room doctor was charged with DWI. After coming to JCS to protect his job and his freedom, his DWI was reduced to a Careless Driving charge and his professional license to practice medicine was protected.

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