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At JCS Law we are focused on the needs of our clients. We listen to you, and then work to exceed your expectations. Each of our attorneys is committed to getting you the best result possible in your case.

There are three qualities that we believe you should look for when choosing an attorney. Those qualities are:


  1. Diligence– your attorney should be committed to the success of your case and pursue that success through persistent hard work.
  2. Experience– your attorney should know the law and the defenses available to you. Your attorney should also know from experience which arguments and strategies apply best in your case. Knowing when to fight and when to persuade is vital in successfully reaching the desired result.
  3. Skill– your attorney should be highly skilled. Skilled attorneys know their area of practice well. They hone their abilities through continually being part of the best education in their field. Skill is also enhanced through practice and passion.

We believe that the government must be able to prove its case and meet the high proof burden the law requires. If the government can’t meet its proof burden, you should walk free. We hold the government to its high proof burden. Some lawyers settle for easy results. We don’t compromise on your future.

When we take your case, we commit to protect your rights and fight for you. Being committed to your case includes caring. Our lawyers care about our clients. A lawyer who genuinely cares about your success will practice differently. Instead of just moving your case through the system, a lawyer who cares about your success will push for the best result possible.

JCS law offers free consultations so that you can sit down with us face to face, and decide if we are the right fit for you.


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