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Rolla Woman Convicted of DWI; Persistent Offender

A Rolla, Missouri woman was recently found guilty of DWI Persistent Offender according to the Prosecuting Attorney for the case. In sentencing, the woman faces up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

The woman was arrested in September after being stopped for a lane violation and being asked to perform sobriety tests. Reports by law enforcement say that she had the smell of alcohol on her breath, along with other indicators of intoxication.

According to Missouri Statute, a Persistent Offender is one of the following:

a)      A person who has pleaded guilty to or has been found guilty of two or more intoxication-related traffic offenses;

b)      A person who has pleaded guilty to or has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter pursuant to subdivision (2) or (3) of subsection 1 of section 565.024, assault in the second degree pursuant to subdivision (4) of subsection 1 of section 565.060, assault of a law enforcement officer in the second degree pursuant to subdivision (4) of subsection 1 of section 565.082

Missouri classifies DWI offenders based on the frequency and severity of their DWI offenses. If you or a loved one has been charged with one or more DWI’s, you need an aggressive St. Charles Defense Attorney to represent you. Convictions on these charges can carry prison sentences and hefty fines. An experienced DWI Lawyer like John Schleiffarth may be able to help you get your charges reduced and in some cases even dropped. Don’t waste time, you need representation.

Source:  therolladailynews.com, “Rolla woman convicted of DWI,” February 25, 2014.

Several DWI Arrests Made by Police at Checkpoints

Two Missouri law enforcement agencies teamed up to make 11 DWI arrests recently. Over 270 vehicles were stopped as part of the checkpoint between 10pm and 2:50am. Several other arrests were made for Drug Possession and Driving while Suspended or Revoked. State grants make sobriety checkpoints like these possible.

While conducting sobriety checkpoints, law enforcement has specific guidelines they must follow. There are additional guidelines that come into play when they search a vehicle, perform standard field sobriety tests or make an arrest. Officers frequently make mistakes in following these guidelines and these mistakes could mean incorrect charges being brought upon an innocent individual.

Are you facing DWI charges as a result of a checkpoint? A St. Charles DWI Lawyer may be able to help you get your charges reduced or even dropped. Knowledgeable attorney’s like John Schleiffarth can review information regarding your arrest to see if law enforcement made any mistakes. There are critical parts of DWI Defense that are time sensitive and must be handled by an attorney right away. Do not wait, get representation immediately.

Source:  columbiatribune.com, “Police make 11 DWI arrests at checkpoints,” March 17, 2014.

Missouri Man Sentenced to 5 years for DWI Wreck

A St. Louis County man was sentenced to 5 years in prison for a fatal 2012 car accident that killed a South St. Louis County woman.

Police alleged that the man ran a red light and broadsided the other car killing the woman. He was arrested at the scene and later blood was drawn. He was found to have had a BAC of .12%.

In Missouri, the legal limit for blood alcohol is .08%. If you are charged with DWI as a part of an accident that kills another person, you may be charged with manslaughter, which is a felony.

DWI manslaughter charges are serious and require a serious defense. John Schleiffarth of JCS Law has experience in handling felony DWI cases. Call today for a free consultation on your case. 314-616-4879

Source: stltoday.com, “Bosnian Driver in Fatal St. Louis County DWI Wreck Gets Prison  Time, May be Deported,” June 20, 2014