Man facing drug charges after routine traffic stop

An Iowa man is facing several drug charges after a routine traffic stop in Eddyville, Iowa on November 25th. The 36 year old man was stopped at an intersection and arrested on charges of Operation without Registration, Improper use of Registration and two counts of Driving while Suspended.

The man was also charged with Possession with intent to Deliver 5 grams or more of Methamphetamine, Possession with intent to deliver less than 50k of Marijuana and three counts of Unlawful Possession of Prescription Drugs.

Drug cases are complex and many police officers make mistakes in their procedures during traffic stops and investigations. An experienced Saint Louis attorney may be able to help someone in these circumstances. The attorney can investigate the arrest and possibly have charges dropped or reduced if they can find that law enforcement made mistakes during the arrest and investigation. Sometimes even evidence can be challenged because of the way it was obtained. These are some ways a criminal defense lawyer may be able to help someone avoid a criminal record and other punishments they might face.

Source: ABC 3 KTVO, “Routine traffic stop leads to drug arrest”, KTVO Newsdesk, November 26, 2013

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