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Kansas Man faces DWI charges in Missouri

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The Missouri State Highway Patrol says alcohol was a factor in a rollover accident on Interstate 29 on Thursday.

A 43-year-old man from Stillwater, Kanasas, was arrested for DWI after losing control of his car heading north on Interstate 29 near mile marker 38.
Troopers said the man hit the median, over corrected, then ht a guardrail before flipping over the rail and down and embankment. The driver was not injured and no other cars were involved in the accident.

Whether its a first time DWI or there have been prior offenses, an attorney with criminal defense experience could help this man or any individual facing similar charges prepare and present a defense in court. The attorney could examine the details of the case and make a recommendation that suggest the focus of the defense should be on fighting against a conviction or negotiating for a plea deal that reduces the charges and the possible sentence. In some cases, convictions seem more likely and an attorney can decided if working towards a good plea deal is the best strategy for their client.

Source: stjoechannel.com, “Driver Arrested for DWI After Rollover Crash, Dec. 18, 2013

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