Health Care Fraud

Federal Health Care Fraud refers to a range of charges that include: insurance fraud, drug fraud, and medical fraud. In most cases the FBI, U.S. Postal Service, or the Office of the Inspector General handle investigations, though many start with internal investigations or accounting audits by third parties. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance  companies may be considered victims and help to provide evidence against you.

When your practice, assets and freedom are on the line, you need an experienced Missouri Federal defense attorney fighting for you. Whether you’ve been accused of defrauding an insurance provider or a federal health care program we can help. JCS Law fights Health Care Fraud charges with a bold and aggressive attention to detail. Our dedicated staff and attorneys can guide you through this scary ordeal. You’ve worked hard to build your business; don’t sit back while the government attacks you without a fight.

In Federal Health Care Fraud cases, the accounting records, medical coding/billing records and even medical records can become extremely important in your defense. We have access to the top experts in these fields and can provide you with a top notch full service defense.

Award winning St. Louis defense attorney John Schleiffarth is ready to start fighting for you today.

If you or a loved one fear you are being investigated, are facing an internal audit/investigation, have been contacted by law enforcement or have been charged with Federal Health Care Fraud in Missouri, call us today at 314-561-9690 for a free consultation.

Some common charges of health care fraud include:

  • Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs
  • Billing for services not rendered.
  • Billing for a non-covered service as a covered service.
  • Misrepresenting dates of service.
  • Misrepresenting locations of service.
  • Misrepresenting provider of service.
  • Waiving of deductibles and/or co-payments.
  • Incorrect reporting of diagnoses or procedures (includes unbundling).
  • Overutilization of services.
  • Corruption (kickbacks and bribery).
  • False or unnecessary issuance of prescription drugs.



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