Federal Sex Charges

Whether you have been arrested by local police, state/county law enforcement, the FBI or a HSI (Homeland Security) task force. JCS Law can boldly and aggressively defend you on federal sex charges in Missouri. Law enforcement has become increasingly aggressive in investigating internet child pornography cases.

Federal charges or investigations of any kind are serious and it is no secret that just an accusation of possession or distribution of child porn can be devastating to the accused. JCS Law understands you or your loved one needs aggressive, detailed and experienced defense.

How was evidence gathered? Were warrants properly applied for? Was a torrent used to download images or videos by mistake? How many times were these alleged images downloaded? How long and how many times were they viewed? John Schleiffarth and the JCS Law team has access to the top forensic computer experts and has experience in fighting criminal cases.

If you or a loved one is facing pending or current charges, DO NOT speak to law enforcement without an attorney. Law enforcement can lie to you and back out on any offer made. Only an attorney working with a prosecutor can secure a deal for you.

We offer free consultations and can even be present while your home or business is searched. Federal prosecutors have a huge team behind them and you deserve the same. Call JCS Law today for compassionate, aggressive and bold defense!

We serve clients in all Federal Courts in Missouri facing any of the following charges:

  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Distribution of Child Pornography
  • Production of Child Pornography
  • Importation or Transportation of Obscene Matters
  • Transportation of Obscene Matters for Sale or Distribution
  • Production of Sexually Explicit Depictions of a Minor for Importation into the United States
  • Conspiracy
  • Aggravated Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse of a Minor or Ward
  • Abusive Sexual Contact
  • Engaging in the Business of Selling or Transferring Obscene Matter
  • Transfer of Obscene Material to Minors
  • Sex Trafficking of Children or by Force, Fraud, or Coercion
  • Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • Coercion and Enticement


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