Federal Drug Charges

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If you, or a loved one has been charged with or is being investigated for a Federal Drug Charge, JCS Law can help. Experienced defense attorney John Schleiffarth and his team provide a bold and aggressive defense for those facing a Federal Criminal Charge in Missouri.

The DEA, federal law enforcement, Missouri State Highway Patrol and even Sheriffs Departments are becoming increasingly aggressive in investigating Federal Cases. They have more manpower, bigger budgets and use more sophisticated tactics everyday. Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin and even synthetic drugs are a big focus of task forces all over Missouri. We know and understand the tactics they employ and can help find holes in their case against you.

St. Louis federal drug charges attorneys

Whether you had your home raided, were arrested during a traffic stop or you were set up by a confidential informant or under cover cop we  can guide you through the case and insure none of your rights have been violated. The federal court system is very unique and it is very important to have a knowledgeable team in your corner. Call us today for a free consultation at 314-561-9690.

Common Federal Drug Charges:

  • Federal Marijuana Charges
  • Federal Cocaine Charges
  • Federal Methamphetamine Charges
  • Federal Distribution Charges
  • Federal Manufacturing Charges
  • Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges
  • Federal Ecstasy or MDMA Charges
  • Federal Synthetic Drug Charges
  • Federal Trafficking Charges
  • Marijuana Grow Operation Charges
  • Federal Gun Charges


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