Federal Conspiracy Charges

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If you or a loved one is facing a charge for federal drug conspiracy or other conspiracy related charge in Federal Court, you need a bold and aggressive law firm on your side. JCS Law fights drug conspiracy charges throughout Missouri.

A drug conspiracy is an agreement between two or more parties to knowingly violate drug laws. These cases are usually made through confidential informants (CI’s), under cover agents/police or through wiretapping. The success and potential strength of your case is in the details. Attorney John Schleiffarth combs through the evidence and details with the help of his team to find every detail that could help your case. There are many common defenses to conspiracy that may be used in your case.

Federal drug laws differ from charge to charge. It is imperative that we insure you are not being over charged or railroaded into a bad deal. Different charges hold different sentencing guidelines and missing one factor could result in you or your loved one serving more time in a plea than they should. JCS Law has experience in fighting federal conspiracy charges and has the knowledge you can count on.

St. Louis Federal Drug Conspiracy Attorney

Conspiracy cases require active participation by the alleged defendant and the government must prove that the elements of the alleged offense were met. Investigators are increasingly aggressive and JCS Law holds them accountable by insuring none of your rights have been violated along the way.

It is not uncommon for property, cash or assets to be seized through civil forfeiture and JCS Law, can assist you in determining your options and help you contest the forfeiture if possible.

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