Types of Drivers License Cases

When you are arrested in Missouri for drunk driving, your license is generally seized immediately by law enforcement. JCS law understands the importance of your privilege to drive and we use every avenue possible to minimize, block or avoid your loss of driving privileges.

These cases can often be extremely helpful to a good defense attorney getting you a better result in your criminal case as well. Remember, even good cops make bad mistakes that lead to innocent people losing their license. You or your loved one deserves a knowledgeable and aggressive DWI attorney to push for favorable results.

We help with the following types of alcohol related drivers licenses cases:

  • DOR Alcohol Administrative  Hearings
  • Trial De Novo
  • Petition For Review (Refused Breathalyzer)
  • 5 and 10 year Denial Petition For Limited Driving Privilege
  • CDL DOR Alcohol Administrative Hearing
  • CDL Petition For Review (CDL Refused Breathalyzer)
  • Under 21 years old DOR Alcohol Administrative Hearing


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