Blood Alcohol Concentration Testing (BAC)

If you or a loved one has been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in Missouri, it is likely that law enforcement requested a breath test, blood test or urine test. In some cases, they may have requested two or more tests and worst of all they may have forcibly taken it after getting a warrant from a judge.

Missouri law authorizes law enforcement in certain situations to request these samples and by driving in the “Show Me” state you have already given implied consent to do so. Even with these laws, police regularly make mistakes in exactly how they request, acquire, handle and test these samples.

JCS Law has experience and specific knowledge in their defense arsenal to:

  1. Review evidence and reports
  2. Investigate evidence and the police who seized/tested it
  3. Fight breath, blood and urine samples in drug and alcohol intoxication cases

Were you properly under arrest before you were requested to blow? Did law enforcement follow proper chain of custody procedure while handling your blood samples? How long did it take from the time your urine test was supplied until its testing and/or refrigeration? These are just a few very import questions that could highly affect your case.

Remember, you have 15 days from the day of your arrest for DWI to protect your driving privilege, whether you blew or refused, with proper representation it is possible to stop a suspension or revocation


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