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If you or a love one is facing a sex crime charge, it may feel as though your back is against the wall. The St. Louis sex crime defense lawyers at JCS Law are experienced in criminal defense and fight boldly and aggressively for those facing serious charges .

Often times charges relating to sex crimes arise from circumstances where it is difficult to discern what actually happened or if they were done purposefully or knowingly. This makes it very important to have experienced representation that knows how to protect your rights through every step in the legal process.

In Missouri, many convictions could result in mandatory jail time. Every detail matters when fighting serious charges and Attorney John Schleiffarth and his team fight to protect your rights each step of the way. JCS Law understands that when everything is on the line, your want someone knowledgeable and experienced fighting in your corner.

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We understand the weight of sex crime charges and their potential legal penalties. We offer free consultations on sex crime cases. Come into our office and speak directly with an attorney about your case. Sex crime charges are serious and require an aggressive defense.


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