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In Missouri, the crime of robbery involves the forcible stealing of property. It is different than Burglary and different from Stealing.

First degree robbery is a class A felony which, if convicted, can carry a prison sentence of 10 to 30 years. Second degree robbery is a class B felony, which if convicted, can carry a prison sentence of 5 to 15 years.

A first degree robbery charge can be defeated by challenging the elements of the crime. For instance, if the accused person did not really have a weapon, the prosecutor may have overcharged the crime. There may be no reliable witnesses, or the witnesses may not be credible. The use of line-ups to identify the suspect can often result in the wrong person being accused of a serious crime.

A second degree robbery charge can also hinge on witness statements. An unreliable witness, a false line-up identification, or sloppy police work can  create a winning defense.

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