Probation Violation

A violation of your terms of probation could cause probation revocation. Generally speaking, a probation revocation hearing is ordered to be set by the judge overseeing the completion. You have the right to counsel at this hearing and JCS Law highly recommends doing so.

Revocation hearings can be set for a number of offenses such as failing to pay fines on time, new charges, failed drug test, failure to complete VIP or some other court ordered program. Attorney John Schleiffarth has experience in defending those facing probation revocation in Municipal and State Courts across Missouri.

Many times with good representation, you can be placed right back on probation. Although it is not uncommon for alleged offenders to be revoked or even sent to jail or prison. JCS Law can aggressively defend you in your probation matter. Attorney John Schleiffarth can attack evidence, challenge your probation officer and any witness statements. Whether your on probation for a DWI, Weapons Charge or Drug Charge we can have your back in the courtroom.

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