Ex Parte Defense

Have you been served with an Ex Parte Order? Are you being wrongfully accused of Adult Abuse or Stalking? You are not alone. Many people are falsely accused with these types of allegations.

JCS Law helps those who have been served with temporary orders of protection or an Ex Parte Order. Attorney John Schleiffarth can boldly defend you and represent you in an Order of Protection Hearing. These hearings are very specific in nature and require special under standing of Chapter 455 RSMo.

If you are served as the respondent, you will be required to answer to the court. JCS Law can help guide you through this process and defend against the petitioner. Attorney John Schleiffarth can investigate your situation and attack the statements made against you. Certain criteria have to be met for the judge to consider stalking to be met under Missouri law. We can help by using police reports, subpoenaing police officers and other witnesses to testify on your behalf.

An Order of Protection can cost you money, embarrassment, loss of employment, loss of gun rights and you should not sit back when being wrongfully accused. We can help, call us today for a Free Consultation


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