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Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

possession of child pornography

Missouri Child Porn Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is facing a Possession of Child Pornography charge it can be scary stressful. The shame that comes from being accused of Child Pornography crimes can seem overwhelming. JCS Law fights Child Porn Charges in Missouri.

Child Porn Possession cases are increasingly difficult to fight without the experience and know how needed. Attorney’s John Schleiffarth and Kevin Webb have the experience and knowledge to boldly and aggressively fight your case. We understand and have helped clients just like you through this grueling process.

St. Louis and St. Charles County Child Porn Attorney

County Police, Sheriff’s Deputy’s and local law enforcement are increasingly investigating child pornography cases all over the state of Missouri. The Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is working hand in hand with local authorities to aggressively investigate these types of crimes in St. Charles County, St. Louis County, Lincoln County, Franklin County and numerous other counties.

Internet child pornography cases usually stem from an undercover investigator sending or receiving an image or video through email, chat room, torrent or other file sharing service. Many times the suspect is baited or unknowing downloads or shares the files resulting in charges. JCS Law and our team has an extensive knowledge of how these investigations work and where police make mistakes.

Child Porn Defense

You may have just had a warrant served on you at home or your business. What is going to happen next? Will I be charged? How much will my bond be? Please call us today at 314-561-9690 and schedule a free consultation to discuss these and any other questions you may have.

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