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Jury Finds Chesterfield Man Guilty in DWI Case

If you are facing a DWI charge in Missouri, you may wonder if taking your case to a jury is the right decision? Only an experienced Missouri DWI lawyer can help you make that decision. John Schleiffarth of JCS Law is an experienced Missouri DWI attorney who provides a bold and aggressive defense.

Chesterfield DWI

Persistent DWI offender charged in Lincoln County, Missouri, Previous charges include Manslaughter.

A man who was high on pot when he killed a popular youth minister and his young son in a wreck in 1997 will be back in court Thursday facing new drunken driving charges.

The defendant, now 34, was charged as a chronic DWI offender earlier this year after a police officer saw him crash into a large rock and sign near a Winfield gas station, then drive off. Police said he was under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine at the time.

He was charged as a persistent DWI offender and with three misdemeanors — operating a motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, operating a vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

He currently is free after posting $20,000 bail.

If you or someone you know is facing a Felony DWI or Manslaughter charge, JCS Law can help. Experienced Attorney John Schleiffarth fights Drunk Driving charges. Serious charges need a serious defense and the award winning team at JCS Law can protect your rights and future every step of the way. Call today for a free consultation at 314-561-9690.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Why isn’t anyone taking about Hope Solo’s domestic violence case?

Domestic Assault

While U.S. Soccer doesn’t have the same high profile as the NFL, how do the cases differ? Aren’t women’s soccer players just as much role models as male football players? The goalkeeping record is an important one, both for Solo and for women’s soccer, but does it really trump an accusation of domestic violence? Why is the notion of awaiting due process so inconsistently applied? And why aren’t more people talking about the fact that domestic violence isn’t simply an issue of men against women?

JCS Law fights domestic violence charges in St. Louis County. Attorney John Schleiffarth can help you or a loved one facing domestic assault charges in Missouri. Whether you are being charged with Domestic Assault, Child Abuse or Stalking we can help. Call today at 314-561-9690 for a free consultation and see how the bold and aggressive defense of JCS Law can work for you.

Source: Washington Post

Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon pleads guilty to DWI

Josh Gordon pleads guilty to DWI
The charge against the Cleveland Browns wide receiver has been pending since July.

In lieu of a 60-day suspended jail sentence, Gordon received 12 months’ unsupervised probation, a $100 fine and $290 in court costs as a result of the plea, according to the Wake County Clerk of Courts office. He also had his driver’s license suspended.

A league source told ESPN NFL Insider Ed Werder that Gordon pleaded guilty Tuesday in the hopes he can avoid a mandatory two-game suspension, which is one of the new rules that would be enacted when the NFL and NFLPA formalize a new drug policy, something that could happen any day.

If you or a loved one is facing a DWI, you need a serious law firm. JCS Law and attorney John Schleiffarth fight DWI charges. Whether you are a college athlete, business professional or stay at home mom, a bold and aggressive defense can protect your rights and future. Call today for a free consultation 314-561-9690.

Source: ESPN

FBI agent to Appear in court for misdemeanor charges

A Fulton man who is an FBI agent and member of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department Cyber Crimes Task Force will appear in court next week on misdemeanor assault charges that alleges he choked someone and caused them to lose consciousness. 

Misdemeanor charges may not be as serious as felony charges but can still have serious implications when it comes to your criminal record and future education and employment opportunities.

Fines for a misdemeanor may be up to $1000 and prison sentences could be upto 1 year. If you or a loved one have been criminally charged with a misdemeanor offense, you need to hire an experienced St. Louis criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. JCS Law handles misdemeanor charges throughout the St. Louis area as well as Felony charges throughout Missouri.

Call JCS Law today for a free consultation on your case. 314-561-9690


Source: ksdk.com, “FBI Agent to Appear in Court on Misdemeanor Charge,” July 25, 2014



Two people charged after fleeing a traffic stop

A man and woman are facing charges after alegedly fleeing from police during a traffic stop. Police say they pulled the two over for a traffic citation, and noticed the two switching positions in the car. The male who is alleged to have been driving before the stop was found not to have a valid drivers license. When the officer tried to arrest the male, the female accelerated away from the officer. A chase ensued and the suspects were later tracked down.

Driving without a license and resisting arrest are crimes that can have serious consequences. If you or someone you love is facing similar charges, you need to call an experienced criminal defense and traffic lawyer to represent you. JCS Law is bold and aggressive in defending its clients in court. They may be able to get your charges reduced or even dropped depending on the circumstances of your case.

Call JCS Law for a free consultation regarding your case. 314-561-9690


Source: ksdk.com, “Two charged for fleeing traffic stop,” Brandie Piper, July 7, 2014



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Law Makers Propose new restrictions Making Interlock Mandatory for all DWI Offenders

Ignition Interlock | DWI Lawyer St. Louis

St. Louis area drivers might be interested to know about a new proposal in the U.S. House of Representatives. Law makers have proposed new requirements for drunk drivers, the proposal would require all those convicted of a DWI offense to have ignition interlock installed in their car.

Ignition interlock is a device that measures blood alcohol levels each time the driver gets in their car to drive. Each state has its own requirements when it comes to these devices. Right now, Missouri only requires interlock for repeat offenders.

Ignition interlock is only one of many different penalties a person may face as a result of DWI charges. However, in order for a person to be convicted of a DWI in Missouri, there needs to be sufficient evidence. An experienced DWI lawyer in St. Louis may be able to have charges reduced, or even dropped depending on the evidence in the case.

If you or a loved one is facing charges of DWI or another alcohol related driving offense, you need representation today to protect your driving privileges. JCS Law defends those charged with DWI in St. Louis and around Missouri. Call 314-561-9690 today to schedule a free consultation to review your case.


Source: fourstateshomepage.com, “Missouri Lawmakers Propose New Ignition Interlock Requirements,” July 8, 2014

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Community Garden Shed Robbed in St. Louis

Stealing Lawyer St. LouisA shed containing more than 35 tools for cultivating a city garden was broken in to and robbed recently. Police say the thieves climbed over a fence and broke a padlock on the shed to gain entry. There has been no arrests made in the investigation.

If someone is accused of a crime similar to this, they may be charged with a number of different crimes including stealing and property damage. Because the value of the property stolen in this case is more than $500, a person would likely be charged with felony.

Charges like these can have lasting effects on a persons ability to gain employment or pursue education. Do not wait, call an experienced criminal defense attorney in St. Louis today. JCS Law helps people facing felony or misdemeanor stealing charges. Call for a free consultation on your case. 314-561-9690

Source: ksdk.com, “Thieves steal tools from STL community garden,” John Henry, July 11, 2014


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Missouri Man Sentenced to 5 years for DWI Wreck


A St. Louis County man was sentenced to 5 years in prison for a fatal 2012 car accident that killed a South St. Louis County woman.

Police alleged that the man ran a red light and broadsided the other car killing the woman. He was arrested at the scene and later blood was drawn. He was found to have had a BAC of .12%.

In Missouri, the legal limit for blood alcohol is .08%. If you are charged with DWI as a part of an accident that kills another person, you may be charged with manslaughter, which is a felony.

DWI manslaughter charges are serious and require a serious defense. John Schleiffarth of JCS Law has experience in handling felony DWI cases. Call today for a free consultation on your case. 314-616-4879

Source: stltoday.com, “Bosnian Driver in Fatal St. Louis County DWI Wreck Gets Prison  Time, May be Deported,” June 20, 2014


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Understanding Vandalism Charges

If you or or a loved one is charged with vandalism in the St Louis area, whether it be tagging or graffiti or defacing property, the result can be serious charges and severe penalties. If damage resulting from the vandalism is bad enough, you can face steep fines, a criminal record, jail time and even time in state prison.

Many do not realize that parents of minors are financially responsible for the damage that their children cause.  Parents of minors charged with vandalism or tagging need to hire an experienced St Louis criminal defense lawyer to handle their case.

Types of Vandalism

  • Carving into a piece of glass or wood such as a table, chair, desk or bench with a knife or any other tool
  • Breaking windows or doors
  • Tagging with markers or paint
  • Damaging somebody else’s property including mailboxes, cars, plants, lawn or other personal property with intent

Difference Between Misdemeanor & Felony Vandalism

For a person to be found guilty of vandalism prosecutors must prove that they maliciously intended to damage or deface personal property of another person.

Charges of Misdemeanor or Felony depend of the severity of the damage caused. Typically damage under the amount of $750 is considered a misdemeanor while damage of $750 and over is considered a felony.

Acts of vandalism will automatically be felonies if they are proved to be “hate crimes.”

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand your case as well as help you get the best possible result in court. In some cases, your case may even be dropped if there is not enough evidence.


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