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Fine print in Missouri guidelines regarding breath analysis equipment

The Department of Health and Senior Services has strict written guidelines regarding the maintenance of breath analysis equipment used by law enforcement. These guidelines are in place to uphold the chemical integrity of breath tests. Current regulations state, the machines must be periodically tested at one of three levels of blood-alcohol content: 0.10 percent, 0.08 percent (the legal limit in Missouri) or 0.04 percent.

In recent months an apparent loophole was noticed in the regulations from Nov. 30, 2012 to Jan. 29. During those 14 months, the regulations said breath analysis equipment was supposed to be tested to the level of 0.10 percent, 0.08 percent and 0.04 percent. Some interpret the “and” to mean equipment must be calibrated to each of the three levels.

Recently the regulations were changed to say “or,” meaning police are required only to test the machines at one of the levels, instead of all three.

Breath test results are only one piece of a puzzle when it comes to evidence in a DWI case. Quality DWI defense attorneys like John Schleiffarth study each piece of evidence in a DWI case to find facts that can be used to defend their clients. Mistakes are frequently made by law enforcement in administering standard field sobriety tests and breath tests. These mistakes can have a bearing on the outcome of the investigation and ultimately on charges handed down by law enforcement. Some mistakes, if proven in court, may result in minimized sentences and even cases being thrown out altogether.

Don’t let mistakes on the part of law enforcement permanently damage you or a loved ones life. JCS Law fights DWI charges and criminal defense attorney John Schleiffarth boldly represents those accused of DWI.

Source: stltoday.com, “Drunken driving suspects may get a break from fine print in Missouri regulations“, Jesse Bogan, February 27, 2014

Over 1 million dollars in cocaine seized with money and weapons

cocaine, money and weapons on tableA St. Louis man and woman were arrested yesterday for possession of drugs, money and a weapon. Police allege they were in possession of 45 kilograms of cocaine, $20,000 and weapon. The cocaine was valued at 1.125 million dollars.

Police documents report that the couple was caught making a suspicious transaction and were followed to a nearby parking garage where police say they searched the car.

These individuals could face serious prison sentences for the crimes they are alleged to have committed. People facing criminal charges similar to these individuals may be able to avoid lengthy prison time by hiring a quality St. Louis criminal defense attorney. John C. Schleiffarth of JCS Law is an aggressive defense lawyer that fights hard for his clients facing drug charges.

Source: ksdk.com, “St. Louis police seize 45 kilograms of cocaine, $20K”, February 7, 2014

St. Louis Woman gets prison sentence in overdose death

Heroin and syringeA St. Louis woman plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges on Monday for her part in providing heroin to a man who later died of an overdose.

Police reports show that the woman delivered heroin and a syringe to a Troy, Missouri hotel where the deceased injected himself. Toxicology reports showed that he died from an overdose.

Prosecutors also charged her with distribution of a controlled substance.

Charges involving the sale or distribution of heroin are serious matters that can lead to hefty prison sentences. JCS Law fights heroin related charges. St. Louis criminal defense attorney John Schleiffarth boldly represents those accused of drug related offenses.

Source: stltoday.com, “Moscow Mills woman pleads guilty in heroin overdose death, gets 10 years”, February 03, 2014

Arrests made in burglary spree

Warrants for three St. Louis area males were obtained Thursday before two arrests were made. One 18 year old, one 19 year old and a juvenile face multiple car burglary and residential burglary charges for breaking into cars and homes.

Police are accusing the three males of a spree of burglaries committed starting Christmas eve 2013.

Burglary charges such as these can result in serious prison sentences and destroy a person’s future academic, vocational and career opportunities.

If you or a loved one has been accused of burglary, you need an aggressive St. Louis criminal defense lawyer to boldly defend you. With an experienced Missouri criminal defense attorney John Schleiffarth, you may be able to avoid prison altogether, minimize your sentence or even have charges dropped.

Source: stlouis.cbslocal.com, “More Arrests In Columbia, Ill. Burglary Spree”, January 31, 2014

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Man goes to prison after 3rd DWI

A 31-year-old man with three driving while intoxicated convictions is headed to prison after violating his probation.

The man got his first DWI in De Soto in 2001 and second in Festus in 2005.

Court records show he was again accused of DWI on a revoked license on southbound Hwy. 67 at Meyer Rd. on Aug. 7 2008.

He pleaded guilty to all three and was sentenced to three years in prison, but that was suspended and he got probation instead.

He violated that probation on Jan. 17 and the three-year sentence was executed.

A person who is charged with three or more dwi charges in Missouri is classified as an “Aggravated Offender.” Aggravated Offender charges are very serious and require a serious defense. Bold and Aggressive attorneys like John Schleiffarth of JCS Law in Webster Groves can effectively fight charges like these. The law in these cases is very specific and even scientific. If you or a loved one is facing similar charges, don’t settle for prison, fight back.

Source: kmov.com, “Man, 31, gets prison time for third DWI”, January 29, 2014